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The original BalSansar was started on the International Children's day, November 20, 2005.

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Vinaya Kasajoo


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Honors to the Cats
Vinaya Kasajoo
Translated by Rabin Maharjan

“We will never be able to tie the bell around the Cat’s neck! Now we should not waste our time. We should try other ideas." said the Bearded Mouse rubbing his whiskers.

“This is the question of our life and death. We cannot leave this problem without solving it,” the Young Mouse interrupted.

“Yes, this problem has been discussed before us several times. Lots of mice have sacrificed their lives trying to tie the bell in the Cat’s neck. However, even if someone succeeds, the Cat does not keep the bell. He breaks the rope and throws the bell away. That is why we should leave this plan,” the Bearded Mouse tried to convince the Young Mouse.

In the mean time a Thin Mouse meowed loudly imitating a cat. Thinking that a cat had come, the mice became alert. Then the Thin Mouse clapped his hands for attention and explained a new idea of how to tie the bell around the Cat’s neck.

Most of the mice laughed at the Thin Mouse’s opinion while others could not believe it, but some mice supported his idea and said, “There is nothing wrong in trying the thin mouse’s plan!”

So, according to Thin Mouse’s plan a huge gathering was organized. A notorious cat was invited as a Chief Guest while other cats of the locality were also invited.

All the greedy cats came to the meeting with the hope of eating tasty rice pudding. The cats were genially welcomed to the table. The Mighty Cat was seated in the Chief Guest’s seat while other cats were also seated in appropriate seats according to their strength and age. The cats were very impressed with the mice’s programme and the respect they were given. The Bearded Mouse chaired the program.

At first, the Bearded Mouse offered flower garland to the Chief Guest. Likewise other cats were also treasured.

The Thin Mouse gave a welcome speech. He said, “The twenty first century is the century of Peace and Friendship. The era of violence, killing and eating enemies has passed away. The humans do not go and kill themselves if they want to eat; instead they go to a hotel to eat. Now Cat and Mouse must learn to abandon the old rivalry and must live together in cooperation. Therefore we have organized this program in your honor to propose agreement of friendship.”

The mice were very happy with the Thin Mouse. They clapped their hands in commendation. The cats also responded with loud applause. Then the mice brought bells of various sizes and colors decorated in a tray and placed them on the table on dais. The chairperson, Bearded Mouse, also spoke with respect to the cats.

Representing the mice clan he requested the cats, “We live in the same house and yet we the cats and mice have been hating and fighting with each other. From today we, the mice declare that cats are our great friends and we respect them, and we hope and believe that our friend cats, too, will respect our offer.”

All the cats and mice present applauded the declaration of the mice. Then the Bearded Mouse requested the cats politely, “Honorable friends! As the souvenir of our friendship we would like to offer you these offerings. We believe that you will accept our gifts and will always tie these bells around your necks to honor and sustain our friendship for years to come."

Before the Bearded-mouse could conclude his speech, smart and pretty lady-mice took the Bells and tied them on to the cats’ necks. All the guests and the organizers were quite happy.

Then the Chief Guest stood up and started speaking. He said, “We are delighted with the offerings of our friends, mice. We have now realized our mistakes and I do believe that the era of friendship will surely begin. We appreciate the respects and the gifts of our friends. We will never take off the bells from our neck. We will also contribute for the everlasting friendship of cats and mice.”

Hearing these words from the Cat the mice supported him with a very long applause. At the end of the program, before biding goodbye, the mice offered lots of rice puddings and milk and they ate and drank to their heart’s content.

The mice were very happy with the wisdom of Thin Mouse. They took him on their shoulders and paraded him in the city and offered him delicious foods. From that day the cats never took off the bells and wherever they would go they would tie the bell. Consequently the mice too, got the freedom to go wherever they wanted, a freedom which they cherished for long time.

Chankhe lost the race again!
Vinaya Kasajoo
Translated by Rabin Maharjan

I am the fastest runner in the world", Chankhe, the rabbit said. He had become quite boastful after winning a race in Tudikhel on Indra Jatra festival. He had received a medal. Now he was planning of competing in the Olympics.
There was no one who could compete and match him, he thought. His arrogance was increasing each day. He did not respect his elders and his neighbors. He even felt that others were rather worthless in front of him. He even started teasing them.

Chankhe really could not bear the tortoises, which had once defeated him in a race. Chankhe knew that it was his own fault that he lost that race. He underestimated the tortoise and went to sleep by the side of the road.

Chankhe's friends were very unhappy because of his behavior. They planned to teach him a lesson. They had a secretly meeting. They made some plans and decided to re-arrange a race between a tortoise of Ranipokhari and Chankhe.
Chankhe laughed when his friends told him about the race. He said, "A race with a tortoise, again? How boring! It would be better if the bet was with a fox or a leopard. And, stop thinking that this time again I am going to sleep and loose. I am not that rabbit anymore. After my triumph I want you to give me a sack of carrots. Tell me when, from where and to where should we race? Tell me! I'm ready.

The race was set on a holiday. Early in the morning, when there were few vehicles in the road, the race was going to take place. They agreed to start the race from Ranipokhari to Nagpokhari. Chankhe had to race with Gambhir singh, an old tortoise. He lived in Ranipokhari. It is a famous pond at the heart of Kathmandu city. Every one was watching from the bank of Ranipokhari. Gambhirsingh and Chankhe shook hands and the race began.

Chankhe hopped and was out of sight in no time. Gambhire also kept on moving ahead with serious look in his face. Some animals chased behind Chankhe while others followed Gambhir.
After moving to some distance, Gambhir and some of Chankhe's friends, who planned the race, went to a telephone booth and started talking on telephone with Alchisingh, who lived in Nagpokhari, a small pond situatied at another part of Kathmandu. He was Gambhirsingh's cousin. Gambhir told Alchi everything about the race and instructed what to do when Chankhe reached there.

Chankhe reached the destination. He was very tired but sure that he had won the race. But alas! He saw Alchisingh, Gambhir's cousin whom Chankhe thought to be Gambhir. He was sitting calmly and eating bananas. Chankhe could not believe his eyes.

The tortoise moved towards the rabbit and shook hands and said, "Ah! Why are you so late my friend? I reached here and had a lot of bananas. See four dozens of bananas. Well have some carrots, will you? Take rests my dear friend."
While they were resting other animals, who were following Chankhe, also reached Naagpokhari. Chankhe admitted his defeat in front of everyone. From that very day Chankhe stopped calling himself the fastest runner.


The White Crow
Vinaya Kasajoo

It was a hot summer day. Luse, a crow, was resting on the branch of a dense tree. He was about to fall asleep when he felt some liquid falling on his body. His body became drenched with the dropping of other crows. He looked above and saw two mischievous crows, Chuchhe and Buchhe, laughing at him.

Luse was angry with Chuchhe and Buchhe. But he was helpless, because they were known in the forest for their mischief. They made fun of every bird. They had defecated on his body and his black shining feathers had turned white with their droppings.

Luse flew from his perch in search of water to wash his body. But the rivers and ponds in the forest had dried up because of the hot summer. There were no other sources of water nearby. Therefore, he flew towards the village. But most of the water sources in the village had also turned dry. Even the small ponds where the cattle drank were dry. Then he went to the village crossroad where there were big Pipal and Bar trees. A platform was constructed around the trees. It was a meeting place for the villagers and a resting platform for the wayfarers. Some charitable villagers had put water in earthen pots for the thirsty travelers. People who were tired rested there and quenched their thirst with the cold water from the pot and wished the charitable people good fortune.

Luse sat on the branch of the Bar tree and looked at the people drinking water. He could not bathe in the earthen pot. Nor did he see any appropriate place to wash his feathers. He was helplessly gazing at the people below when all of a sudden some people exclaimed with excitement. "Look! There is a white crow." Luse saw all the people gazing at him with astonishment.

Luse could not understand what the matter was. He looked at his own body and saw that because of the bird droppings his body had turned white and it had become dry and shining. He felt uncomfortable. He wanted to hide himself from the people's sight. So, he flew into the dense branches and disappeared behind the leaves.

But the curious villagers did not leave him alone. Some of them said "See the white crow is a sacred bird. It brings good fortune to the village. It may be the descendant or a reincarnation of Kaagbhusundi. It is mentioned in the great epic Ramayana that Kaagbhusundi helped Lord Ram to look for Goddess Sita. We must welcome and worship this crow."

The news of the arrival of the white crow at the village cross-road spread like wildfire. The villagers congregated around the tree in large numbers. They brought milk, bread, cooked rice, vermilion powder and flowers to feed and worship the crow. They displayed all these offerings on the platform and all of them stayed little away from the tree so that the crow could come and accept the offerings.

Seeing nobody on the platform Luse came down from the tree. Since he was hungry and thirsty he drank the milk and ate the food hurriedly. When he was full he flew up to the branches and hid behind the leaves.

Meanwhile, other crows including Chuchhe and Buchhe arrived there. When they started to attacking the offerings the villagers drove them away with sticks and stones.

Luse wondered at the villagers' strange behavior with the other crows. He tried to find out why they welcomed him and drove the others away. He guessed that it must be because of the white color of his feathers. He himself had never seen a crow with white feathers. He felt pity on Chuchhe and Buchhe. He did not mind their mischief.

People gathered at the platform again and started talking about the epic bird Kaagbhusundi. Some of them started singing religious songs. They even discussed about constructing a temple for Kaagbhusundi near the cross-road.
It was getting dark. Birds had started returning home. Chuchhe, Buchhe and other crows had returned to the forest. However, Luse decided to pass the night on the Bar tree.

It rained at night. It was a great relief not only for the villagers but also for other living beings. People living in the village and around became happy. They thanked the graceful white crow for the rain.

In the morning when the sun appeared on the horizon Luse looked at his body. Alas! His feathers were white no more. The rain had washed his feathers. His dark body was shining in the sun.

Poor Luse flew straight towards the forest in search of Chuchhe and Buchhe.

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